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    Batch Update Library Parts




      I had an issue with VeSys harness that I was able to solve using the "Batch Update Library Parts" action which can be accessed by selecting “Actions>Update>Batch Update Library Parts" from the top toolbar. I now have a few questions about this action.


      My issue was that at one point, I had made a change to the acceptable wire size for a couple of terminals in the component library, but I recently realized that this change is not being reflected in some of my designs. For these designs, when I run the "Select Cavity Components" process, it doesn't match the current information that is in the component library. The terminals are being selected as if I had not made the changes to the component library. I tried selecting "File > Refresh > Refresh All" from the top toolbar, but VeSys was still selecting the wrong terminals. I then tried the “Batch Update Library Parts” action and it fixed the issue that I have.

      I should mention that I am working on VeSys harness designs with 2 different databases, and I regularly transfer designs between the two databases. I transfer library component information between the two databases as well, and I was suspecting that this might be the cause of my issue.


      I was wondering what does the “Batch Update Library Parts” action do exactly and how is it different from the “Refresh All” process?

      Should I be performing this action every time I make a change to the library, or whenever I transfer information between databases?

      Should I be performing this action for every harness  design or does doing it once apply the changes everywhere?


      Thank you

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          You are on the right track with your thinking.  Here is from my experience on how vesys works.


          It only checks the database on parts when you first open Vesys.


          If you add a NEW part through the component manager it will not show up as a selectable in vesys until you do a refresh all

          Often parts in my database might not have a symbol , so I update the symbol, then do a refresh all, then reselect symbol.

          It will also take care of supplier and costomer part numbers on the face of the drawing.


          Batch update library parts is typically done for parts that you have already incorporated into a harness and you updated the guts of the component.

          If I make changes to how a part works like terminals and deeper type technical information that information will not come through on a harness until you force it with the batch update application.  The annoying thing is that you have to do this in every harness in which that now updated part is used.


          It makes it very critical that you setup your parts in your library correctly.



          In short.. New part not in drawing, Refresh all.. then you can use.

          Existing part and you made changes to how it works, Batch update parts.