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    Logic part type defined as PWR, allows GND net to connect to it?


      If in Logic and build a part, in the pins tab I have a pin type of Ground. When adding connections in Logic, I noticed I can connect a Ground net to the Power pin. Is there a DRC check to make sure this can't happen?


      It just stung one of my engineers, as he did not rotate the part and tied a GND net to the PWR pin, and PWR to GND pin. Rework now.


      Why can we specify the Gate and Pin Type as something, only to be allowed to connect anything we want to it? Am I missing something? Is there a way to check for this?




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          What really happened is that the engineer connected the wrong net to the wrong pin on a part.  No different than if he connected an input net to a part output pin.  Or a Load to a Source.  Logic Pin types are information for simulation, not to determine what net can be connected. 


          "Ground" can be a voltage.  If the power is +5V, 0V is GND.  Connect the power pin to +15V and the round pin to +10V, you have the exact same circuit, but a power net connected to a ground pin.  And that's OK.  So how do you DRC check for that? 


          While it would be nice, (and would have flagged mistakes I've made) what you are actually asking for is a DRC to make sure the engineer read the correct pin number/name when attaching a net.