A Library Management Flow to Support Allegro full flow and Expedition Enterprise full flow

Discussion created by yu.yanfeng on Jan 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2009 by mikewilsonpcb

Currently, We have two flows. One is Allegro full flow, another is Allegro DH(Conepthdl)-Expeditionpcb flow. Our corp. library is for Allegro only, but we have developed a utility to automatically and incremently traslate the Allegro libraries into the central libry of Expeditionpcb. also We have developed another utility to interface Allegro DH with Expeditionpcb.


In 2009, We plan to establish a libray management flow to Allegro full flow and Expedition Enterprise full flow(Dxdesinger-Expeditionpcb) to allow our designers get some advantages of EE full flow. the targets are:



1) develope a utility to translate all Allegro DH cell libraries into DxDesigner libraries



2)develope a utility to translate Allegro DH schematics into DxDesigner schematics



3)develope a utility to create neautral data for the components(schematic symbol, pcb footprint, padstacks, process technology,PTFs tables etc) and interpret it to dedicated ECAD format(Cadence/Mentor)



4)create a utility to support lib sync over international sites



This work can be finished with 9 months(one person)?