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Error in diablo function "..\sym\AL8807.mod(49): error -- Error in DIABLO function diablo31" prevents from simulating schematic

Question asked by radek on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by Gary_Lameris



I have problems simulating simple schematic contains few capacitors, LEDs, resistors, two diodes,... and buck LED driver (AL8807). I downloaded SPICE models for most of the parts and also for the driver, transfered them by Tools - Convert Pspice Libraries. Than load transfered files into schematic as SPICE models. After run the simulation it crashes on the error mentioned above.

Simulation of the same schematic in LTspice works well. So I expect the spice model should be correct.

Do you have any experience with errors in diablo functions in spice models?

I attached downloaded (not yet transfered) spice model in my post. Can you check it out, if my way of transfer is correct.



Thanks for any advices about this topic.