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Interfacing a Custom Interface PCB with test fixture with double-sided nails

Question asked by gausfresser on Jul 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by dcox

Hello All,


We are using PADS Layout 9.5 to design a custom interface PCB to interface with a UUT using a test fixture with double-sided nails. This means that the bed of nails will touch test points located on the bottom of the UUT on the top of the nail while also touching a test point located on the top of the interface board with the bottom of the nail. In other words, the UUT and Interface PCB make a sandwich with the nails in the middle.


Our biggest challenge with this is that we need to layout the custom interface PCB so that the test points on the PCB matches exact coordinate locations of the test points on the UUT. We would prefer to have an automated way of doing this to not only save time, but also greatly reduce chance for human error (since we have 150 or so test points). The fixture house gave us a 1:1 DXF file that we can bring into PADS which has all of the test points present as simple 2D circles. The manual ways to do this would be to create test point components in the design and manually overlay the test point component onto the DXF test point circle, or manually type in coordinates for each test point. Any ideas for how to automate this, either with ASCII file or DXF manipulation or something else, would be greatly appreciated.