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    Dock and Undock Issues


      Hello All,


      I have some problems in docking and undocking my projects.

      I don't have any problem in undocking the design data but when I'm open the undocked database, Its doesn't work and it says like


      "Project database is inconsistent. It has been manually copied while the iCDB Server was running. Please use iCDB Project Backup 'Repair project' functionality to fix this issue.


      I never copied the database when its opened, I just undocked it. Also, I repaired the undocked the database and I can open the repaired undocked database but I couldn't dock this data back.


      I'm getting this error while docking,



      And some undocked databases aren't working even I repaired it.


      Any solutions?




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          Hi Arunraj,


          This is covered in TechNote MG578803 (summarized below):



          Before using the Dock/Undock function, please observe the following to ensure a successful undock and re-dock:


          • You must already have a PCB design in the project.
          • Prior to undocking, it is recommended that the iCDB be in single user mode, i.e. not pointing to a remote server running the Remote Server Configuration Manager (RCSM) and that iCDB Server Monitor not be running.
          • The design should be fully synchronized, i.e. no Forward or Back Annotation changes pending (all green indicators in Setup > Project Integration).


          If the re-dock is not successful, then please try / check the following:


          • In order for the project to be re-docked, the undocked project must be placed to its original project location where the undocked dataset was first undocked from the master. Ensure that you place it back into this folder and that it has the same name.
          • Ensure that all pointers to the project and database are correct and up to date. The pointer to the required files can be broken if iCDB Server Monitor or RCSM is running during the undocking/docking process. To re-associate these pointers, open the undocked project in the iCDB Project Backup Utility and run the Repair function.
          • If the Board or Design name has been altered while the design was undocked, this will cause issues on re-associating the design. To resolve this issue, it is necessary to restore the original name from within DxDesigner. TechNote MG551944 explains this in more detail.
          • The project directory and undocked project directory must have no special characters or spaces, for example:

            C:\Projects%\Expedition Project\project.prj
            C:\Mentor Projects\Expedition Project\project.prj

            Use the Job Management Wizard - Copy or Move/Rename functions in order to remove these characters in the project path to resolve this issue.
          • The environment can cause issues when docking and re-docking a design. Clean the working directory (WDIR) and run the configurator –clean function to clean up the environment. For information on how to use the clean feature within configurator please refer to TechNote MG521013.


          Note: Expedition does not support multiple undocked projects. There can only be one undocked project at a time. Ensure that there is only a single undocked project and each subsequent undocking is done in a separate folder than previous ones.