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    I need to create a keyed plated through hole using PADS VX.0


      I an trying to create a keyed plated through hole for a VPX style connector's guide post. The guide post is round however there is a key for setting the post in the proper clocking arrangement. I tried using a round plated hole with an overlapping plated slot.....

      This generates CAM data that looks good at the TOP level....



      It looks good at the plane levels where this hole needs to tie in....



      However, when I generate CAM data.... I get an error message about there being two drills being right next to each other. I then look at the .drl file in Viewmate...



      Anyone have any ideas on how to define this correctly so that I can get a good drill file?


      Thank you,

      Mike Nycz

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          Hello Mike,


          Indeed it is a puzzle not easily solved. I would add a Detail for this pins in your Drill Drawing. You will have to leave with an error about overlapping two drill holes but detail on Drill Drawing and a phone call should help your fabricator to understand what is happening.


          For the Plane area to have both pins solidly attached to it, just change pad stack for them in layout.Thermal.gif