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CAM tools versions that support ODB++ version 7 from VX.1

Question asked by Rene on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by Rene

Since we switched over to the VX.1 release we have an issue with some PCB Manufactures that have difficulties interpreting the ODB++ version 7 data.

Odd shaped padstacks do not appear under the right angle on the fabricated board.

Although the ODB++ data is fully inline with the ODB++ version 7 specification the data is different compared to that of the EE7.9.3 release.

The EE7.9.3 ODB++ data contains in the symbols section a separate shape for every angle of the shape where this is no longer the case for the ODB++  data of VX.1. Here the angle of the symbols is specified in the features section. This is inline with the change made to the ODB++ version 7 specification September 2007.


Now I would like to know which CAM tools and their version correctly support the latest specification of the ODB++ version 7 format?

For CAM350 this seems to be version 11.


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