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    issue in "Create like Union " in PADS Layout ??



      i am using PADS 9.5. i have two USB section (USB-A and USB-B) both section of USB circuit is same.i did the placement for USB-A section. i need to retain same placement for other.i planned to use Union method.i followed below method.

      1.Selected the all the component (Yellow color circle mention in Image file) Right click the select the "Create Union" and assigned Union name as "PARTA "

      2.after that i placed USB-B section near the Union place and again i selected Union "PARTA" and then select Create like Union "

      3.Component placed as per the "PART A" but it is not related USB-B section components (it is related some other section components)



      let me explain how to solve.is my procedure is correct or wrong ?


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          Create Union keeps the parts together when you move them - "Unions are user-created part associations that have a strict relationship with each other, such as distance, rotation angle, top, or bottom side. A common example is placing a filter capacitor to reside on top of an IC. When a selected union is moved or placed, the physical relationship between the parts, or union members, remains unchanged."


          You want to use 'Make Reuse' to make a copy, and then use 'Create Union' on the second circuit. 

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            Hi jduquette,

            Thanks for your reply.Let me conform to me "Union only for grouping the component for moving some location only right "? so what is the perpose for "Create like union" ??in my design USB-B section need to copy like USB-A section.if i use the "Make reuse" method i can copy USB-A section and then replace dummy part section to USB-B section right ?? instead of that i used "Make like Reuse "method.but it is not working perfectly.it is not arranging USB-B section.it is arranging wrongly.so how to copy placement with out changing replacing parts ??

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              The text I quoted is directly from the Mentor documentation.  Their words, not mine.


              I've never used unions so I'm not much help there.  The description in the "Create like union" section sounds just like Reuse, but I don't understand how you define the parts that make up the clone unions.  Reuse seems much 'simpler'. 


              The last time I used Reuse was several years ago.  I remember it was difficult to set up but worth it once I figured out the proper setup as it was an eight channel design.  Read the documentation carefully and check SupportNet for clues. 


              Good luck.