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issue in "Create like Union " in PADS Layout ??

Question asked by k.r.kabaleeswaran on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by jduquette


i am using PADS 9.5. i have two USB section (USB-A and USB-B) both section of USB circuit is same.i did the placement for USB-A section. i need to retain same placement for other.i planned to use Union method.i followed below method.

1.Selected the all the component (Yellow color circle mention in Image file) Right click the select the "Create Union" and assigned Union name as "PARTA "

2.after that i placed USB-B section near the Union place and again i selected Union "PARTA" and then select Create like Union "

3.Component placed as per the "PART A" but it is not related USB-B section components (it is related some other section components)



let me explain how to my procedure is correct or wrong ?