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visECAD Viewer - License

Question asked by michel.boettner on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by michel.boettner

Hello guys,


i tried to install the free visECAD Viewer on my laptop, but i wasn't able to start it up.


1) first of all i got the license file via email with "a long file name".txt


2) then i installed the program and copied the license file into a default license folder like (C:\license\visecad)


3) as last step (as it was written in the license mail), i had to create a system variable named "MGLS_LICENSE_FILE" and set its value to "C:\license\visecad\filename"


=> visECAD dosnt start


i tried to set the variable value in 3 different ways:

- without the license name (just linked to the folder)

- include the license name

- with the .txt ending... but nothing helped me out.


maybe there`s a knows problem with the installation? or the .txt ending is maybe wrong? but i wasn't able to find something about the problem in this forum.

as last step i would install the whole expedition on my laptop for reviews, but a viewer would be a bit smarter.


would be cool if someone here know this issue or could help me with this problem


greetings Michel (: