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    xDM Library is not assigning symbols




      I've been trying out the PADSVX.1.1 standard plus for a couple of days, trying to create a new part in the xDM library, everything seems find except the symbol I created is not assigned to the part:


      Here I created a symbol and it's show up under symbol partition ok:

      Then assigned the symbol to a part as Gate A


      Saved everything, check part says no error and refreshed the window.


      It says none associated symbols under part partition


      And I was not able to use the part at all due to lack of symbol.


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.





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          Hi Niu,


          I think I had a similar problem myself.

          Try to substitute the dash within your symbol name by a underscore character (LT6402-6 -> LT6402_6) .

          Then you have to update the gate definition in the part as well.


          For some reason the xDM Library Tool is not able to assosiate a symbol to a part with a dash in its name.


          Hope this helps


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            Thank you so much Peter.


            That exactly is!.  

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              as an FYI:


              the Migration process define a dash as a illegal character, it converts that part of a symbol file name to underscore. Also Migrating the project does not alter the dash..

              It seem that in PADS logic {only},a dash in symbol name is not valid,

              Since the central library systems stores things in a Pads "PART" entity ,  it enforces all symbol data to match PADS logic rules, even if it has no bearing on dxdesigner.


              So in DXdesigner based designs,

              no dashes in symbol name,  but ALSO no symbols with ".2,.3 etc" extensions , because there are no extension's in the "parts" CAE decal

              and only one instance of any specific symbol name across all symbol libraries, with no partition info in the CAE decal, its a crap shoot as to which symbol it picks.


              as an additional warning: non of these rules are obviously flagged and dxdesigner will continue to work as before, but the design cannot be packaged.