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    New streamlined Designer tool





      Designer Schematic and Designer Layout are basic PCB schematic and layout tools but with the addition of PartQuest, these tools out perform others in the industry with the enhancements in productivity.


      My company has the full Mentor Graphics package.  I would like to use the above-mentioned Designer Schematic and Designer Layout however because it seems easier to use and learn then the full Mentor Graphics package.  I am crunched for time and need to get a PCB designed quickly and though that the streamlined Designer package would allow me to do that.  The problem is that the design needs to be archived in the company database and all official documentation is generated with that data base.  Also, we have a full-time librarian who creates all the parts for the company's layout tool.  My question is, can a design created with it be exported to the full Mentor Graphics package later?



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          Hi Ken,


          I’m glad to hear that you believe the Designer series of products are well suited for the purpose intended. I.e. aimed at those engineers who need access to low cost, easy to use schematic & PCB design tools with ready access to up to date part data.


          There is a migration path to the rest of the Mentor PCB tools, what flow  is your company using PADS or Xpedition Enterprise tools, we have two primary PCB flows.? I.e. what is the “full Mentor Graphics package”?

          Either way, there is a direct migration to PADS, just open those Designer files in a PADS based solution. As you are probably well aware, the Designer tools are based on the PADS flow.


          If you need to be able to Migrate to Xpedition Enterprise the route is still to go through PADS first. So if you do not have a PADS seat you could use a local service bureau to migrate those designs for you.


          Hope this helps.