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Are Design Variants supported with PADS Logic and PADS Layout?

Question asked by dmarris on Jul 27, 2015

I have inherited several designs with schematics in PADS Logic and board files created with PADS Layout.  I can generate nicely formatted non-Variant BOMs from PADS Logic using File > Reports... > Bill of Materials.  Now I need to generate Variant BOMs for a couple of the designs.  Are Design Variants supported with PADS Logic and PADS Layout?  I have spent several hours looking through documentation and this web site but it looks like I may be out of luck.  I can generate somewhat cryptic Variant BOMS from PADS Layout but the information in those BOMs is very limited.  An example is shown below.


   PARTS LIST 1 REPORT -- previewole.pcb (Assembly Variant "Build01") -- Mon Jul 27 16:07:54 2015


Reference Designation   Logic Type             PartType


   C1                      CAP                 CAP1206

   C2                      CAP                 CAP1206

   C3                      CAP                 CAP1206

   C4                      CAP                 CAP1206

   C5                      CAP                 CAP1206

   C6                      CAP                 CAP1206

   C7                      CAP                 CAP1206

   C8                      CAP                 CAP-ELECTAA

   C9                      CAP                 CAP-ELECTAA

   C10                     CAP                 CAP1206

   D1                      DIO                 LED

   D2                      DIO                 LED

   J1                      CON                 26PINCONN

   Q1                      ANA                 +5VREG

   R1                      RES                 R1/8W

   R2                      RES                 R1/8W

   R5                      RES                 R1/8W

   R6                      RES                 R1/8W

   R7                      RES                 R1/8W

   U1                      <<Not installed>>   <<Not installed>>

   U2                      <<Not installed>>   <<Not installed>>

   U3                      ECL                 AM100415

   U4                      ECL                 AM100415

   U5                      CMO                 CD4001B

   U6                      CMO                 CD4069

   U7                      TTL                 PAL16R8

   X1                      HOL                 SHIELD

   Y1                      UND                 24-576MHZ


Notice that none of the Mfg or Mfg P/N information is listed.  I have not been able to figure out how to include that information.  According to the Report Generation Language documentation (C:\MentorGraphics\9.5PADS\docs\htmldocs\padslayout_concepts\file7.html) that information isn't available.


My thought now is to generate a base BOM in PADS Logic and Variant BOMs in PADS Layout and them combine them using Excel.  Not pretty.  Does anyone have a better idea?