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    Custom Designer(Synopsys EDA tool) & Calibre LVS problem.


      Hi, My Name is TaeJin Jang from South Korea.


      I have some question. I'm using a EDA tool(Custom desginer, Synopsys) and Calibre.


      I added some pin at the Custom designer, but in Calibre RVE, the ports are not in Netlist. I made very simple inverter.s in schematic and layout


      I think Calibre cannot find the ports so it occur LVS error.


      I atteched Layout and Schematic and Netlist result.



      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi TaeJin,


          The layout netlist shows only numbers for the nets, no names at all. This might be related to your missing ports. Calibre LVS usually looks for text objects in the layout database to use for net names and ports. Can you check to see if your drawn layout has text for those names you wanted? The text in the layout database will need to be on the same layer/texttype expected by the rule file used for connectivity extraction phase of LVS. Any statement in the rule file containing the word "TEXT" might provide clues to the desired layers to use.


          Best regards,