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Exporting/importing EDIF schematic for backward compatibility in xDX Designer

Question asked by radek on Aug 5, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2015 by MENTOR_Shannonk

Hi colleagues,


I want to open file from newer version of xDX Designer (VX1.1) in an older one (VX.0). I know it can't be done directly so I tried to do it through EDIF schematic as suggested here Design incompatibilities between DxDesigner 9.x revisions.When I try to import previously exported EDIF schematic (from the lesson 29 from PADS Standart Plus Eval guide) I fail to import it due to semantic error of EDIF interface: Refered instance 0441I41 not found in the page instance list (line 55686).



The first Warning in the EDIF Interface says that there is Unknown PADS flow ans set it as Expedition flow, but I have PADS Standard Plus. Don't know if this can be first problem.

I think the number 0441I41 and others like it are components in the exported schematic but even if I try to import lesson29.eds to project Lesson29 I get the same errors.


Can anyone advice me how to properly export/import EDIF Schematic? Do you have any suggestions what am I doing wrong, what else should I set to export it right? Or the mistake is on the import part of the process?