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PADs ascii output manipulation

Question asked by Wayne on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2015 by Wayne

Hi all,

I have a customer who wants to use the .asc file from PADs to program his pick and place machines.  No trouble, I provide this to my other CM's all the time.

The difference is that he wants to add to the ascii file a specific (his own) part number to the file as well as the manufacturer's part number.


So I would need to take the ascii file and be able to manipulate it to add in two columns from an excel spreadsheet.  (the BOM with the two numbers.)  The upside is that the two fields I'd like to add external information to are part of the file already - the PartName and the Description field.


I don't see where I can access the files that produce the ascii file to be able to add in these two things.  I've done some looking in the forums here and don't see anything that looks relevant to this.


I'm using Orcad for the schematic capture tool and PADs for the layout tool.


Any help and pointing in the right direction would be really appreciated.