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A question of simulating diff pairs in HL

Question asked by milostnik on Aug 18, 2015

Hello Folks,


I am stuck in a quiet simple and basic example.

I would like to simulate a clock that is a differential clock.


The topology is quiet simple, as it is visible in this picture. (Be aware that the signal goes from right to left)



The outputs of IC28 are defined as signal and inverted signal.

Now the question itself. If I start a simulation the stimulus of one of the ports is oscillating, while the other is not.


I started a simulation with ezwave.



As is visible in this picture one signal is flat the other oscillates as expected.

The end result is a flawed simulation, as the lower signal is subtracting one oscillating waveform from a flat waveform and the result is useless.


Does anyone know how to make sure that both outputs oscillate one in opposite phase of the other?

It must be very simple, but I am missing the obvious.