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    DxDesigner / Symbol Editor - New property


      Hi everyone,


      I'd like to modify a library symbol as follows, for example a capacitor. Capacitors can have "Value" and "Material" (besides some other information) defined in the data base (DxDataBook). But in the Symbol, only "Value" can be added as property.


      My problem is now, that I select the database-field "Material" to be visible in the schematics; but as there is no property defined in the symbol, the the "material" property is not shown next to the symbol in the schematics, but any-where. Is there a way to define the position of a property, that is not listed in the Symbol-Editor?


      Thanks for any help and kind regards,



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          You need to add this new property to your list of available properties using the Property Definition Editor - if using a Central Library then from within Library Manager/xDM Library depending on which version of software you're using. If using the netlist flow then from the Tools menu. If you are creating user properties in the netlist flow  I suggest you take a copy of the delivered property file and store it in your WDIR (user or corporate depending on your environment). As you have posted under Expedition then most likely you are using a Central Library.

          Once the new property is added to the prp file you can add it to your symbols and populate it from DxDataBook. For more info see the on-line help.

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            Thank you very much for your answer - really quick!