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Expedition - How do I select and move a bunch of components over on the PCB to make room for a component I forgot to place

Question asked by kenneth.aquino on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by kenneth.aquino

I need to "shoehorn" in a few components in the PCB layout.  I spent a lot of time actual routing the design and would like to save as much as possible.

So I selected the components on the PCB that I had already placed and routed to/from and tried to move them over, but got an Expedition PCB pop-up

error message that popped up saying "A large number of traced need to be shoved, it may be faster to rip them all up before routing.  Do you

want them ripped up?".  I then hit "Yes", but that message keeps on popping up again and again and I can't land the components that I want to move

where I want them to be.