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Information about the CCI-SCRIPT.txt file that is used to generate CCI database from SVDB?

Question asked by on Aug 20, 2015
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I generate the SVDB database for a design using Calibre nmLVS, and next step I need to generate the CCI database based on the SVDB. Basically I used the script below to generate the CCI data:


calibre -cb -nowait -query ./svdb TopCellName < CCI-SCRIPT.txt > query.log


TopCellName is the top cell name of the design in the source/layout. Here I used the CCI-SCRIPT.txt file to control Calibre during generation. In this file there are three commands that I am not sure what they mean and what the number stand for. Could anyone provide me more information? Will really appreciate that!


#specifies GDS property values for attributes, corresponding to nets, instances and devices

  gds  netprop number 5

  gds  placeprop number 6

  gds  devprop number 7