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    USB Dongle Occasionally not detected


      I use a USB hardware dongle. Occasionally, during program use, I get an error saying that my key isn't detected. Sometimes when this happens I just clear the error and keep going. But sometimes the program exits abruptly. So a couple of times I've lost changes.

      This has been happening for a long time, maybe ever since I've been using the software (over 4 years). It may be happening more often, not sure, but I would sure like to know if this is a known issue and if there is a solution for it. Thanks in advance.

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          There are a couple things you should check:


          - Make sure the key is plugged directly into the main USB hub on the back of the computer.

          - Verify that the power management setting are not turning of power to the USB ports.



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            What do you mean “directly into the main USB hub”? I have four USB connectors.

            It’s not a USB power issue because most of the time it happens it immediately clears and recovers.

            I guess you’re telling me that this is not a normal (known) problem. I’ll pay attention when it happens and see if I can find any more clues.



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              Which application and version are you running and on which OS?

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                Pads 9.4, Windows 7 Professional

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                  I recommend making sure your license environment is as clean and as streamlined as possible. This means removing any redundant license sources from the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE/LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variables and registry settings. You really only need the MGLS_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to run PADS. Everything else just has the potential to slow things down. The Mentor License Utility or Mentor Install Program have functionality to help edit these settings:





                  Also, inspect your license file and remove any licenses that do not match hostids on your system (i.e.: Only have ones matching your dongle ID.)


                  Finally, you might consider updating to the latest dongle driver. If you download the licensing software (http://supportnet.mentor.com/portal?do=releases&prod=C106-S128-G159-P11292), you can update the drivers from within the installer under Manage Licensing.



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                    Just saw this, and basically I have had this problem "ALWAYS", been thru a number of computers, and thru every release of PADS

                    since I started using PADS back around just before ver 9.X. I have been thru a number of SR's with Mentor & even had one AE

                    write and send me a dos script to run to see if we could capture what was going on, no luck. I have just come to the conclusion to live with it.

                    It still happens now even running VX1.1, again it's not all that often but it still happens, like original poster sometimes I can just keep saying yes to questions

                    about lost license and it corrects itself, other times it can blow you out and you lose some work.

                    Interesting I run Cadence tools on this PC also & never seen that dongle lose its license. But recently have not actually even had the Cadence

                    dongle plugged into this computer any more & even a few weeks ago saw PADS dongle lose it's license.

                    This really has always been a problem with PADS license dongle from my standpoint, mentor support stated back a ways that not that many people have

                    this problem so I guess there isn't enough people complaining to really spend enough time looking under the hood.

                    Bob Wolfe

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                      Mentor licensing is very persistent when it comes to contact with the license server and checking to see that the hostid is still valid. I'm not sure how often other vendors check their licensing once their tools are running.


                      We recommend that USB hardware keys are plugged into the main ports on the back of the machine and not on any hubs (monitors and keyboards included). Also, ensure that your power management settings do not cut any power to the ports you're using. Your license file should also be local unless you're pointing to a floating license server.


                      Aside from that, we do still see problems with losing the license. It's probably best if you open a Service Request so we can help diagnose your specific environment.



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                        We went thru all of the issues you mention, USB dongle is on a main port, license file is local, power save is turned off on all USB ports. Back in 2011 I believe I spent a few months on an SR interacting with Andrew Audova, who was very helpful, like I said he even wrote Flex logger script to try and get to the bottom of it with no luck. We have spent a fair amount of time trying to find & fix this problem.

                        But it still is very random and it still happens. Sometimes you can lose work and sometimes it fixes itself.

                        I would be willing to open another SR if you think Mentor Eng. has anything new to try? Or at least has a better idea

                        of what might be causing this. Is it maybe Windows issue with how USB ports are handled? Or at the very least Mentor may be able to look at my latest PC & configuration to see if anything can be improved.

                        Again it still happens over 3 different brand PC’s & a number of releases of PADS over the past 4 plus years, but all on WIN7 64-Bit.



                        Bob Wolfe

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                          Hi all,

                          I want to add my experience about this problem.

                          I've installed 2 versions of PADS (Standard and Standard plus) on 2 new workstations HP Z440 with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

                          Both PC have problem with the USB dongle, presenting disconnections during the use that cause fatal error and the exit of the program without possibility to save the project. In our factory we have other older PC with windows 7 32 bit that does not present any problem.

                          I've tried to apply any of the suggested fix in the post above with no success. I've tried also to connect the dongle through a powered USB switch, as suggested from italian support, with no changes.

                          I believe that there is some problem with the drivers of the dongle on 64 bit machines that requires more attention...


                          Marco Secondini