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Different width/gap on the same layer for Differential Pair

Question asked by saint0r on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2015 by david.ricketts



I'm currently making some small modifications to already existing PCB layout in Pads Layout 9.4 (I'm editing it with Pads Layout 9.5).

I suppose that I have a ES edition.


For some specific reasons I have to route my differential pairs out of the connector between two pads (pad gap diff_trace+ gap diff_trace- gap pad).

Normally my width and gap for diff pair is bigger, however when routing out from the connector I have to make the traces and gap smaller to do it (I can live with

impedance mismatch - rs422 diff pair).


I can't solve how to do it, there are some settings to make different width/gap for different layers (of course to account for controlled diff pair impedace).


However I would like to do it on the same layer.

Do you have any suggestions ?