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ODA starter library associated symbol issue in version VX.1.1

Question asked by radek on Aug 25, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by MENTOR_BillT

I encountered issue with diode symbols in ODA starter library. When I tried to create new part (zener diode) I used Part Editor, assign a PCB Decal, Gate (DIODE-ZENER) and set up pins as requested and check the part. According to Part Editor it has no errors or warnings.


But when I click OK, create a part it has no Associated Symbols. When I add normal diode symbol to Gates it shows it in the xDM Library Tools but no other diode symbol (as shotky or any TVS diode) included in the ODA libraries is associated with the part. Even when I add almost all symbols from Diode library as alternative symbols only normal diode symbol is displayed in xDM Library Tools as Associated Symbols.


And furthermore if I open any existing diode with Associated symbol of zener, schotky or any other than normal diode in Part Editor and click OK, xDM Library Tools shows no Associated Symbols although it is associated in Part Editor. I am able to create for example resistor part without any problems.

Do you have any idea what can cause this issue? Where am I making mistake in the process?

Thank you for any advice.




P.S. Library can be fixed in PADS version VX.1, where associating symbols works correctly.