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    Library management in Xdx Designer.


      Hi Team ,

      I am new to this tool . facing some issues with library management xdx Databook.

      want to edit with partition , parts,symbols, with some new attributes . how i have to edit ?


      Please check the attached document.



      Thanks in Advance.


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          You cannot edit the columns in this view, it is a fixed view of the symbol library. if you have a database of parametric data (Manufacturer, cost, etc ) associated with the library then you edit the columns that appear in the 'Search View' of this dialog. The concept of xDX Databook and the two different views - CL View and Search view is probably not appropriate for a discussion on the Community - you should consult the on-line documentation to get an understanding of how these two pieces of data are related.

          If you simply want to edit the information associated with your symbols and add new properties then this is done via the symbol editor - either from the xDM Library Tools, if you use a Central Library, or via the Edit Library Symbol command from the Right Mouse context menu from the view you show - select a symbol and click RMB - Edit Library Symbol. To add new user defined properties use either the Property Definition Editor from xDM Library Tools or in the netlist flow - Tools - Property Definition Editor.

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            Thanks for your reply .

            I will check it out ...