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Sourcery CodeBench - How can I add an additional Base Board with the software package that I have for AT91SAM9G25 Atmel Board/CPU

Question asked by on Sep 4, 2015



I am just a beginner for Mentor Sourcery CodeBench and currently working on the evaluation copy to understand its features. 


I would appreciate it very much if you could tell me how to add an additional "Base Board" by using the software package (sam9g25_softpack_1.0_for_CodeSourcery_2010q1 zip ) released by Atmel for AT91SAM9G25 Atmel CPU/Board.


Basically, what I need is to add Atmel AT91SAMG25-EK into the Sourcery CodeBench and select it from the Baseboard list as shown below.


Thank you very much for your support in advance...