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How to get Pins on Grid in DxDesigner

Question asked by greg.hall on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by greg.hall

Created symbol for a part in xLibraryManager using a 0.5mm grid.

The part is then placed on xDxDesginer schematic which is also get to a 0.50000mm grid.

However when come to wire up the pins the wires do not attached exactly to the pins, there is a step between the pin and the wire. As can be seen in the red circles on attached picture.


How do we ensure that the pins on the schematic symbols are on grid when placed onto the schematics?

Should the symbol be created with a 0.1mm grid?

Is there a command that will auto snap the pins to grid either on the symbol or on the schematic?


(Using VX.1)