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    alphanumeric pin numbered part in Logic


      I am trying to figure out how to setup a symbol in PADS Logic that uses alphanumeric pin numbering, and I keep getting an error that reads.


      “Error: PCB decal RJ45_10GANG not valid for part with pin mapping - Non-numeric pin number A1..”


      On the PADS Layout side this doesn’t seem to be a problem.  This schematic was originally created in OrCAD and converted to PADs Logic.  This part must have worked using OrCAD because it’s in a layout with all of its routing complete.  


      Looking for the correct way to create an alphanumeric pin numbered part in Logic.


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          I believe the answer depends upon which version of PADS you are running.  I see "pads_alphanumeric_tg.pdf" in my pdfdocs folder from V2007 but I thought they changed it again after that.   


          You need to disable the pin mapping as that only works with numeric (sequential) pins.  Then you define the pin mapping in the 'pins' tab instead of the 'pin mapping' tab.  Obvious, right?!