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Mobile compute license : problem with my local use

Question asked by thales on Sep 11, 2015
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i have a Mobile compute licence for the 68k compiler.

I'm under WIndows XP

I have received my license key file

The FILE_LM_LICENSE path is set to my licence file

As my PC is not under network, there is no license servor.


My license key file looks like  :

INCREMENT mcc68kwnd mgcld 2015.070 6-oct-2016 0 5EC67CE6A8F618F7990C \

    VENDOR_STRING=5E98A415 HOSTID=xxxxx SN=xxxxx SIGN2="0 ...."


When i run my exe (mcc68k), i have the error :

get_license failled

I don't understand what the trouble is ?

When i use lmtools to diagnostic the license, the return is "lmdiag can't check because the hostid has a non-standard value"

but it's seem correct with the getmac return value

Does someone can give me a help ?

the path in my FILE_LM_LICENSE is correct, the license is under validity and the Hostid is correct


Is there an other thing to do ?