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    Select by Attribute/Property....  (dialog box functionality)


      This is a questions based on how to configure attributes and properties to make is easier to group parts as a sum to maintain edit-ability.  I have been searching for a way to be able to isolate specific systems within a project (groupings of wires, connectors, splices and devices) in order to be able to quickly select them via the "Select by Attribute/Property....  dialog box" based on attribute, properties, value descriptors. 


      I have discovered that when using the "Select by Attribute/Property....  dialog box" with more than one schematic page open and the selection includes parts across numerous pages, the Delete command is inhibited.  Is there a way to get around this?  Being able to delete multiple parts across multiple schematics via 1 search request is a great way to layer components via system design and quickly create variant configurations.  one would be able to use a master configuration and quickly adjust it for specialized designs. 


      I was wondering if anyone has come across an effective way to do this.