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    Ruler behavior/settings


      My ruler tool behavior has changed, started getting curvy on me and measuring from origin instead of the first point I click. How do I modify this? I want straight point-to-point measurements.

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          You're using Pyxis Layout, right? You've fallen into the changes the ruler's many dynamic shortcut keys can make. There's a whole set of shortcut keys that change the ruler when the ruler command is active and they'll change depending on the ruler command's current state.


          So, here's a pro tip: use the Dynamic Status indicator on the Status Line "window" (that's what it is configuration-wise, but it looks more like a toolbar). First, turn on the Status Line. Go through the menus, Setup > Windows, and select "Status Line". It should appear, looking like a toolbar, under the toolbars and over the layout. Now, turn on the Dynamic Status. Open the Preferences window with Setup > Preferences... and click on the Display icon, then select the Status Line tab. On the left, you should see a frame labelled "Show" which includes the "Dynamic status" checkbox. You might also need to select the "Hotkey status" checkbox. Personally, I have every checkbox selected, and I'd advise you to play with the settings a bit. The Status Line is one of Pyxis Layout's handiest tools, but it's not on by default.


          Oh, and to get back to a straight ruler, you probably just need to punch "a".