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    Generating Gerbers


      Can anyone confirm for me if the gerber generation process depends on system settings in addition to your layout file settings?  I’m not 100% sure if things like drill overage or removing isolated copper is a system setting or if it rides around with the layout file.  Point being, if someone has the same version of the program (9.5 in our current case), is there any way for two different machines to generate two different versions of the gerbers?  If so, can you provide me an example so I can confirm? 

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          Good question.  If the settings you are interested in do 'ride with the file', then you should see them defined in an ASCII export.  After a quick search of an ASC file I didn't find any instances of 'isol' so 'remove isolated copper', but it is defined in the PLANEFLAGS data. 


          PLANEFLAGS   OUTLINE ALL Y Y Y N N Y Y N N N Y Y N Y Y N N N   Plane and Test Points flags


          You'll need to read Ppcb_ASCII.pdf for the decoder ring (i.e. that first Y means isolated pours are removed)


          Drill oversize is defined: 


          DRLOVERSIZE  114300     Drill oversize for plated holes


          So ti appears the two parameters you mentioned do run with the file.  Hopefully someone from Mentor can give a definitive answer on this.