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Open Cell Editor in edit mode from Library Manager using scripting

Question asked by tehte on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by tehte

I am trying to run a script below from Open Form Script functionality in Library Manager just to open Cell Editor application in edit mode. Unfortunately, my Cell Editor hangs. I am in EE7.9.4. Appreciate any advise.



Option Explicit


' Get the Cell Editor

Dim cellEdObj

Set cellEdObj = CreateObject ("CellEditorAddin.CellEditorDlg")

Scripting.AddTypeLibrary ("CellEditorAddin.CellEditorDlg")


' Get the Cell database to read/write

Dim cellDB

Set cellDB = cellEdObj.OpenDatabase("C:\MentorLibraries\DxD_Exp\Library.lmc")

cellEdObj.Visible = False


Dim cellpartition : Set cellpartition = cellDB.Partitions.Item("smd_conn")

Dim cell : Set cell = cellpartition.Cells.Item("cn00461") 'Get the cell in question

Dim ecell : Set ecell = cell.Edit()

ecell.Application.Visible = True