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Upgrade to PADS Professional

Question asked by y.hubert on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2015 by mhaubmann

Hi everybody,


I wonder why Mentor is talking about 3 PADS packages when PADS Professional is actually not PADS, but an Xpedition light version.

Suites are supposed to be “scalable”: PADS Standard/Plus and PADS Professional are not compatible, you just cannot work on the same layout with both tools. This is confirmed by the fact that Mentor is actually not allowing any upgrade to PADS Professional. You have to pay a new licence.


I bought a PADS licence last year. I spent a lot of time time building libraries for netlist project, and then PADS moved to the Integrated Flow a few months later… Let’s loose some more time on building the Central librairies.

Integration of DxDesigner, Layout, Router and Central Libraries is really poor, and so far, I have never met any software with so many bugs. I can not even count how many times I sent my project to maintenance because of weird things happening.


Given the endless list of problems I've been face to using PADS, and the poor productivity achieved, I could think Mentor is just pushing people to move to Xpedition technology (=PADS Professional), and leave PADS dying.

I am having a really bad experience with PADS, and I would expect Mentor to allow me to upgrade my package to PADS Professionnal. But they do not want to. I am not going to buy a new PADS Professional licence, even with some discount. What am I supposed to do with my current license? A huge amount of money thrown away.

I know a load of PADS users feel the same. And are just moving to Altium. Should I do the same?