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    Upgrade to PADS Professional


      Hi everybody,


      I wonder why Mentor is talking about 3 PADS packages when PADS Professional is actually not PADS, but an Xpedition light version.

      Suites are supposed to be “scalable”: PADS Standard/Plus and PADS Professional are not compatible, you just cannot work on the same layout with both tools. This is confirmed by the fact that Mentor is actually not allowing any upgrade to PADS Professional. You have to pay a new licence.


      I bought a PADS licence last year. I spent a lot of time time building libraries for netlist project, and then PADS moved to the Integrated Flow a few months later… Let’s loose some more time on building the Central librairies.

      Integration of DxDesigner, Layout, Router and Central Libraries is really poor, and so far, I have never met any software with so many bugs. I can not even count how many times I sent my project to maintenance because of weird things happening.


      Given the endless list of problems I've been face to using PADS, and the poor productivity achieved, I could think Mentor is just pushing people to move to Xpedition technology (=PADS Professional), and leave PADS dying.

      I am having a really bad experience with PADS, and I would expect Mentor to allow me to upgrade my package to PADS Professionnal. But they do not want to. I am not going to buy a new PADS Professional licence, even with some discount. What am I supposed to do with my current license? A huge amount of money thrown away.

      I know a load of PADS users feel the same. And are just moving to Altium. Should I do the same?

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          Thanks for your post. Let me try to address some of the issues you’ve brought up.


          First, let me assure you, there is most definitely upgrade/migration paths to PADS Professional. Mentor PCB has full scalability from our entry level configurations to our new Standard and Standard Plus Suites, and to the new PADS Professional suite.  And if your company’s technology and infrastructure needs grow, you can migrate to Xpedition Enterprise as well!


          PADS Professional is one of the new Suites introduced in April.  It is a full design environment for the multi-discipline hardware design engineer who does it all – design creation, simulation and analysis, and PCB layout – which is based on Xpedition technology. 


          With your comment that PADS is dying – absolutely not!  I just returned from PCB West, where we hosted a reception for PADS users.  There, Paul Musto, the PADS Product Line Director, and AJ Incorvaia, the Board Systems Division’s VP and General Manager spoke to the attendees about the re-vitalization that is
          going on with PADS, including a strong product roadmap of core PCB enhancements.  On the show floor, we were demoing PADS 3D which will be available  with the PADS VX.1.2 release in November.


          It sounds like you are having some technical issues moving from the net list to integrated projects. There are migration guides that should help.  I also suggest you contact support and/or your reseller for more assistance.


          To everyone:  many of you have been longtime, loyal PADS customers.  For you, we’ve put together a fantastic maintenance renewal promotion which allows you to migrate to the new PADS suites (which will be getting PADS 3D).  Please contact your sales person for more details.



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            Hi Jim,


            First of all, thank you for taking some time to answer my post.


            About Upgrade/Migration: Correct me if I am wrong, but when moving from PADS ES to PADS Professional, I have to buy a new licence. To me It is not an upgrade, because I need to invest an important quantity of money in a new licence, and spend time in learning the "Xpedition layout Technology" used in PADS Professional. Moreover, again correct me please If I am wrong, but I can NOT work on the same PCB file with both PADS ES Suite and PADS Professional.

            So, basically, It means that, moving from PADS ES Suite to PADS Professional, I am buying a new licence of a software working different from the one I have, and not compatible.

            That is why I say that PADS Pro is not PADS but Xpedition, or that PADS is not scalable.


            About PADS roadmap: I wish I could attend PCB West and any other big conferences to be better informed, but, working in a small Spanish company, there is no way I can attend those events, always programmed in the US, or sometimes in Germany... Here, nothing is happening...

            Please think there are people "far from you" who need this information too!


            About migration to "Integrated projects workflow": I 'd rather think Mentor 's had some difficulties to fit the Central Library into the new PADS workflow. Hope next version VX1.2 will be a significant improvement.


            Finally, I totally agree PADS Professionnal is a really atractive suite! I am one of these "multi-discipline hardware design engineer who does it all" that you talk about, and that is why I chose PADS in spite of Altium: because Mentor has a very powerfull tools environnnement.

            I just can not accept I have to forget about the money I spent last year on my PADS Suite and now buy a new PADS Professionnal Licence... Who would?

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              I hope I am not hijacking the thread here but I partially share Mr. Hubert's concerns. We are being offered the "fantastic maintenance renewal promotion" (which we are probably going to take) and we had a discussion with the sales person. I asked about the 3D Layout feature to be introduced in VX1.2 but I could not get a satisfactory answer. Maybe Jim can clarify this: Is this something that is going to be added to Layout or is going to be Expedition? Please shed some light on this. Thanks!


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                Yes - when you upgrade/migrate from a lower configuration to higher, you are purchasing a new license, with more capability.  There is a cost related to this.

                When moving from, in your example, the ES Suite to PADS Professional, this is from the PADS Layout based ES to the Xpedition based PADS Professional layout.  You can migrate you libraries and designs to Professional, but these are not intended to go back and forth with designs.


                We'll be working on getting the message out to the world!  We're talking about re-invigorating the PADS users groups around the globe.  These will be done along with our channel partners.  Also, we'll have a webex for our customers when PADS VX.1.2 is released and share what's new in the release, as well as this new messaging about PADS.


                To you last point - your current investment of what you spent is protected - you do not need to purchase a PADS Professional at list price - it is an incremental upgrade fee.  Also - PADs Professional comes dual licensed with PADS Standard Plus!



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                  3D was first introduced in PADS Professional, and is available now.  PADS Standard and Standard Plus will get the same 3D engine in PADS VX.1.2 due out in November.  It's in Beta now, so if you want to try it sign up at PADS VX Beta



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                    New 3D functionality will be very useful and I will list just view below. Also if you want put it to a test, please join our Beta program that is in progress and test 3D features.


                    • STEP import/export
                    • measurement in 3D
                    • import enclosures and cover
                    • see interference
                    • 3D PDF


                    And many more.



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                      Yan, thanks, I believe you that it will be very useful and I am looking forward to use it. But what I am asking is if this is going to be an feature added to PADS Layout or is going to be Expedition, which is a different tool. Because if it's Expedition, then I am afraid the file format is not compatible, it's a different tool that needs to be learned... Please clarify this question.



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                        New 3D functionality is already in Xpedition and PADS Professional. With PADS VX.1.2 release this new 3D functionality will be available to all PADS flows.


                        Regards, Yan

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                          we are also very bored with Mentor, especially as we have a bunch of ES licenses that will not support 3D now.

                          We are considering moving at least five seats to Cadence since Allegro and Orcad are now merged into one product and share the same database.

                          That will give a perfect mix for us since we have fancy high speed designs as well as about 50 simpler designs with up to 10 layers as well as simple test adapters that can be done with a simpler tool but need the same database.


                          In our impression mentor is like a slot machine: You can insert endless amounts of money but you never know if you will get a reward.

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                            Regarding your comment, "...we have a bunch of ES licenses that will not support 3D now...", Are you implying that Mentor is taking away a feature that you already have? If so, I do not think that is the case. In fact I don't even think that is possible. I'm going to assume that you are not on maintenances because Yan clearly stated that, "this new 3D functionality will be available to all PADS flows". Also if you think Allegro & OrCAD share a common database, you  are mistaken. OrCAD is still OrCAD even when rebranded as "Allegro Design Entry" and Allegro is still the same layout tool it's always been. They are net list driven just like the PADS standard flow.



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                              ES will not get step in / step out,

                              they took our maintenance fee, created a new product and sell it.

                              ES will not have step in / step out /step component models


                              You are wrong with Orcad/Allegro, there is full bidirectional compatibility now.






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                              Upgrade to PADS Professional


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