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    Bad component subtype error



      I am using a varactor from a foundry and I get this error while LVS: bad component subtype. I used a single device in schematic & layout to ensure everything is perfect.

      The report is attached.

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          Hi Mustafijur,


          The source and layout model names (subtypes) do not match. That is, havar is not the same as net1.


          If you are simply comparing netlists with no physical layout, then you need to determine why the subtypes are unmatched in the netlists and make them match.


          If you have a physical layout, and assuming the source is correct, check the Device statement in the rule file that classified the layout instance. Is the subtype correct in that statement? If not, change it to net1. If so, did the wrong Device statement classify the instance? If yes, then you may need to look at how the layers are specified and/or derived in your Device statements to ensure the layout instances are netlisted appropriately.