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    Error Code 6 in Eldo




      using a STM process, I try to do some ageing analyses. During the ageing simulation I face an error message as follows:


      Warning 1636: COMMAND .AGE: Unable to access top-level parameter TRELAX.

      Can't continue execution.

      during DC or transient analysis

      (Time : 1.000010e+02 ns)



      Error Code 6 .

      Eldo has encountered an internal error and must close.

      Please call or visit Mentor Customer Support (http://supportnet.mentor.com/) for assistance.



        It has occurred in a netlist using UDRM.



        If you are using a proprietary library, you should consider first to check

        that the problem doesn't come from a mathematical overflow in this code.



        This is done by using libeldoudrm provided in the AMS installation tree.

        If the Error Code can't be reproduced with the standard library, you should

        use -dbgudm to find the location of the overflow.



        1/ Run: eldo -lib <library_path> -dbgudm

        2/ On (gdb) prompt type: run <netlist> <arguments>

           The debugger will then stop on the faulty line.


      It occurs, if I choose an ageing analysis with linear more than 3 nbruns in log-mode and approx. 10 runs in lin-mode. As an minimal working example, a nmos-transistor is power by two ideal voltage sources (vsource in analogLib) with Vgs=0.5V, Vds=1V. The netlist is as follows



      .PARAM L=0.06

      .PARAM VDS=1

      .PARAM VGS=0.5

      .PARAM W=0.135


      V1 NET4 0 DC VDS

      V0 NET3 0 DC VGS

      XM0 NET4 NET3 0 0 nsvtlp w=W l=L nfing=1 mult=1 srcefirst=1 ngcon=1

      +mismatch=1 lpe=0 dnoise_mdev=0 dmu_mdev=0 dvt_mdev=0 numcos=1 numcod=1

      .TRAN 100n 100n


      .PROBE V

      .INCLUDE models


      + /scripts/MWE/analyses/MWE_ageing.cir




      .lib /ELDO/CORNERS/age.lib all


      .age tage=3.1536e+08 nbrun=4 tstart=0

      + nbti=1  hci=1 LOG=YES

      + mode=AGEsim

      + ageall compute_last=no


      Unfortunately, I have no clue, what Error Code 6 means and how to avoid it. It occurs with several circuits. Same problem all the time. Thank you in advance!