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    Guidance on RipperSignalInfo


      Using VX.1 DxDesigner/Expedition Flow.


      On a design we have several buses, however on one of the buses the RipperSignalInfo does not seem to appear with the correct signal name, can someone explain why this is happening or what we are doing wrong with the naming of our buses.


      I have attached a picture which shows two of the buses within the design, one which works correctly and the second one which we have the problem with.


      The bus, Ethernet_Slice_1.

      When take the signals off this bus then the RipperSignalInfo property correctly displays as expected


      The (problem) bus, Slice_IDT.

      When take the signals off this bus then the RipperSignalInfo property just displays the number (1 to 4) and not as we would expect to see (Slice_IDT_1, Slice_IDT_2, etc)


      The netnames for all these wires (which are NOT shown in the picture) have the correct signal names on them, either Slice_1_MDIP_0 or Slice_IDT_2, which is what we expect.

      The problem only appears to be with the RipperSignalInfo properties.


      Can someone help explain why we are seeing this problem and what we can do to fix it. Also with the RipperSignalInfo being a different value from the Netname will this cause a problem further along in the design phase.

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          What are your settings for this in Setup - Settings - Advanced? Look at the following two, Show Ripper Indexes and Use Full Bus Name on Rippers. The symptoms indicate that either one of these has been changed after one of the buses was ripped, or that these settings are different for different users if working concurrently. Changes to either setting is not retrospective i.e. it doesn't modify existing signals.

          I'd question why you want to show the index anyway, the net name reflects the connectivity after all.