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Question on full chip LVS with Calibre after dummy fill.

Question asked by rbhamare on Feb 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2009 by jimmy.nguyen


I have full chip LVS clean with certain hcell list.



After adding DUMMY (od/poly) DOD/DPO fill polygons at chip level, its not coming clean.  creating "chip.sp" and  compare both take excessive runtime times.



I observed that "chip.sp" file is now double the size (150Mb vs 70Mb ), so looks like hierarchy is messed up with seed promotions after adding fills.



what is the common practice for clearing full chip lvs after adding fill ?  I mean is there any calibre switch or rule deck statement  used to treat these fill polygons so that it does not modify hierarchy /seed promotions?



(I have od/po in base layer statment, not dod/dpo)






Rajendra Bhamare