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    Symbol Editor in xDX Designer VX.1.1


      I am a new user of xDX designer VX.1.1 which I have as a PADS netlist flow. I do not have a PADS layout tool.


      I have successfully linked a sample netlist library to my project but now I would like to add and/or edit the schematic symbols. I have

      several components that would need added, but I just want to create symbols that a layout service bureau will complete with cells, padstacks etc..


      So when I go to FILE-- NEW --- Library Symbol (or Local Symbol) the Symbol Editor tool

      opens. But the Symbol Editor window is all gray and has no functionality.


      So my questions are the following:


      1) Is there another way to create/edit symbols in xDX designer? Am I doing it correctly?

      2) Do I have to have a license for the PADS layout tool in order to create symbols?


      Thank you for your time.

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          If you are editing symbols within xDX Designer you should not need an additional license. That would only be required if you wanted to use the xDM Library Tool stand-alone.


          I'm not an expert in the use of the tools, so I can't speak to the various ways you might be able to create symbols, but anytime I've done it for testing purposes I've use the xDM Library Tool (Tools > xDM Library Tools). When invoked from within xDX Designer, it doesn't need an additional license. 


          If that isn't what you are looking for, then you may want to open a service request or post on the xDX Designer community.


          Best regards,


          Ken Foster

          Mentor Graphics Global Support and Services