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    How to assign a plan view symbol to a connector


      Hello All,


      I am trying to have both plan view symbol and connector symbol to be presented at same time in Vesys harness design. I states what I have done to assign plan view symbol to connector below


      Assume there are totally 3 connectors in the harness:

      C123, C456, C789


      By setting the default connector symbol, these connectors will have their own connector symbols inherited from library. I created comments symbols(plan view with engineering datum defined) in the Vesys Symbol tools for these 3 connectors named C123, C456 and C789 respectively. Then I clicked "add" under Style set -- Connector -- Symbol, chose the plan view connector C123 which I created and enabled "auto-select by part number. After this, I chose the type to be "relative to bundle" and enable "use engineering Datum", click Apply and OK. In this case, all three harness node will have the same plan view symbol C123 when applying style.


      Following the same procedure to create symbol for C456 under style set. By re-assigning the part number to this connector, C456 will have both dedicated connector symbol and plan view symbol. By apply style to all, both plan view symbols C123 and C456 will appear at the harness node of C789.


      I am wondering if this is the correct way of adding plan view symbols for each of the connector along with the nominal connector symbol?


      Many Thanks




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          Hello Andrew


          Speaking from a Capital perspective (may also hold true for VeSys - please check) the following is how to accomplish this.

          - make Symbol Library PlanView and make a plan view Symbol call C123 in here

          - make Symbol Library ConnectorView and make a connector symbol C123


          Styleset - Connector - Symbol - add and set use PlanView Library and turn on "auto-select by part number"

          Next, also under Connector - Symbol  add another set use ConnectorView this time, also with "auto-selecte by part number"


          In this way, both will appear.



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