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Expedition PCB - Polygons, Poly-lines, and tracks.

Question asked by on Oct 6, 2015
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How do I edit polygons/poly-lines?

How do I transfer a poly-line into a track?

How do I disable the forced horizontal/vertical/45_degree track constraints?

How do I edit track vertices to set precise vertex positions?



Imagine that I am creating a flex-pcb that has a complex, curved profile shape.

I have a dxf file that describes the required profile.

I have managed to import the dxf into a drawing layer, and have produced a cleaned-up polygonal representation by tracing around this using a 0.1mm grid (tedious).

I have managed to discover how to copy this into the 'board outline'.

I have managed to discover how to copy this into the 'route border', and to shrink this to bring it 1mm inside the board profile.

I now need to route my tracks along complex, curved, paths.

I realise that I can copy and shrink my route border to give me the path required for a track that runs just inside the route border.

So I can create a polygon, with one side describing the path required for my first track.

I need to convert the polygon into a poly-line, and delete the parts that I don't want.

I then need to use the poly-line as the route for a track.


Should be simple, I feel, BUT...