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One Symbol – many packages with Allegro Interface?

Question asked by larrymc on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by larrymc

We are use DxDesigner with the Allegro Interface.  In the past we’ve created schematic symbols for each PKG_TYPE.  For example Symbols (and DEVICE) would be CAP0402, CAP0603, CAP0805, etc.


Recently we imported a design (from Orcad) that has a symbol CAP that is used for all package sizes. The PKG_TYPE is correctly set for each instance on the schematic.    The design will package (with warnings because PKG_TYPE is blank).  However Allegro generates errors.

Is it possible with the Allegro Interface to support several PKG_TYPES with a single symbol? (Like symbol CER_CAP for example to be used with PKG_TYPE C0402, C0603, C0805)


Thanks in advance!