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    One Symbol – many packages with Allegro Interface?


      We are use DxDesigner with the Allegro Interface.  In the past we’ve created schematic symbols for each PKG_TYPE.  For example Symbols (and DEVICE) would be CAP0402, CAP0603, CAP0805, etc.


      Recently we imported a design (from Orcad) that has a symbol CAP that is used for all package sizes. The PKG_TYPE is correctly set for each instance on the schematic.    The design will package (with warnings because PKG_TYPE is blank).  However Allegro generates errors.

      Is it possible with the Allegro Interface to support several PKG_TYPES with a single symbol? (Like symbol CER_CAP for example to be used with PKG_TYPE C0402, C0603, C0805)


      Thanks in advance!