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    INTERNAL ERROR:  !dbdobji.cpp@6769: eNotOpenForWrite



      I get this error when trying to insert a connector in Harness.  The part number I need is currently in Components, but when I place the node for the connector, it dissappears.  If I try again, I get the error message and CAD shuts down.



      I've tried looking up the error message on Google, but it looks like an error message regarding 'locked layers'.



      ( AutoCAD 2008, VeSys 2008.2)



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          Hi Brad,



          Does the connector you are trying to use have an asssociated graphic block (DWG) defined in VeSys Components.  Can you try deleting that block reference and try again, the problem might be related to that block, otherwise I would suggest you try contacting SupportNet.









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            The connector dwg file was purged, which solved the problem.  Within the dwg file of the connector, there was an inserted block of the connector.  So I'm guessing there was too much information in the file when vesys tried to load the block of the connector.



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              Hi Brad,


              I always find it best to do the following with blocks:

              • Purge (checking that there aren't any objects on strange layers etc. or objects that cannot be purged)
              • Set Limits
              • Zoom to the extents of the graphics


              What most people don't realise is that if you have any junk in the block and insert it into a drawing the drawing will then inherit all of this junk!  I've seen drawings with around 100 layers primarily because people had been getting blocks from a variety of sources without tidying them first



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                Sorry I missed a point in my previous post....  Creating a Block directly from a drawing can also cause minor problems, for example if you have a large harness drawing and you create a connector graphic in the drawing but then use the 'Write Block' command you will find that the newly created block may inherit some of the information from the harness drawing is was created in i.e. layers, drawing size/limits and zoom factor.


                If I ever Write a Block from an existing drawing I will then go into the block and perform a quick tidy as per my previous post, I'm a bit of a 'clean' freak when it comes to stuff like this so it is probably a little over the top but it does keep my blocks down to a respectable 25kb file size and I don't ever the problems like the one you experienced.


                I actually have a small template drawing for my connector blocks that only contain the information I need such as Text Styles, etc.