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PADS Layout 9.5 - move imported from dxf (tracks) is very slow (several minutes per action)

Question asked by mariusz.ciszewski on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by robert.berrington



My common activity is importing projects into PADS Layout from gerber data (to prepare "fake PCBs" containing components placed on it based on coordinates, ant then to build 3D model based on ascii / idf output.


One part of my work is to import most important layers into PCB file. Layers came from dxf files previously exported from gerber files.


But sometimes (especially for copper layers containing a lot of traces) it is realy hard (very slow) to move selected imported shape (to move it into origin) even it this shape is combined.


Such actions (move) can take a few, reveral or more minutes even...


Please help me to do it faster, in more efficient way.


Thank you very much and best regards