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    Advanced Technology module and LTCC technology


      Hi everyone. I need information about how to implement LTCC technology in Xpedition PCB with features of "advanced technology" module. Maybe there is a Workbook or any other instructions that I didn't find. LTCC is mentioned on the Mentor Graphics official website (in the functions of Xpedition PCB) but I couldn't even find specific functions for it. Thanks for your help. Appreciate your suggestions and answers.

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          LTCC layout  process  is nothing new,  it's layout process is like thick film hybrid. XpeditionPCB support this process very very well.

          you can open the sample data (whichi is a LTCC design.) from VX.1 3D layout toturial, and you will see how well XpeditionPCB  supports caviaties, embeded passive, stack die etc.

          For general LTCC, you have to see other industrial guides from greetape vendors .