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    edge connector cell



           Does any one know how to create an edge connector cell as the following picture shows? I tried to put a SMT pad on the edge of the board and place a mounting hole on it, but expedition forbidden this.


      edge connector.jpg

      design environment: ee 7.9.4

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          We use a similar half hole on some of our designs.

          How we implement this is by creating a specific through hole cell for these.

          What we do is have a standard rectange pad with an offset via in, this is so we can connect tracks to the feature on the board.

          Then we place a second round hole at the end of the rectangle

          The final step is that we place a contour/route which cuts through the centre of the second round hole.

          When the pcb is fabricated this gives us a half plated hole.

          Both the round hole and rectangle pad have the same pin number and we run a small track between them within the cell to eliminate an open net DRC.

          When constructing the cell you will need to have the DRC turned off in order to place the overlapping features.

          This works for us for Expediton 7.9.1 through to VX.1

          Attached is picture which helps explain above method.

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            Thank you for your reply.

            it works now