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    VeSys 2.0 installation with McAfee




      New to the site but wondered if anyone has experienced problems with installing VeSys 2.0 with McAfee installed? I'm trying to evaluate VeSys 2.0 (currently using VeSys Classic) and I have a legitimate copy from our vendor. As soon as the VeSys.exe is installed McAfee detects it and deletes it. The message from McAfee is 'Artemis!8089A4B6A6B0 Trojan'.


      I have been assured that the copy from our vendor is clean and they have said that it has come direct from Mentor.


      Anyone have any ideas?



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          Are you running (or trying to run) VeSys 2.0 in the Evaluation mode?  If true, then we have experienced some problems with some security software that still needs to learn that VeSys is safe, so we will follow-up on this.  Can you confirm which version of VeSys 2.0 you tried to install and also what version / details of McAfee you have.


          In the mean time I suggest you contact your vendor, who should arrange for you to have a loan license (rather than using this Evaluation mode). 


          Kind Regards,


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            Hi Nuri,


            Thank you for getting back to me.


            I am trying to run VeSys 2.0 in the evaluation mode and the version is 2014.1. The details of McAfee are as follows: -


            McAfee Agent 

            Version number:

            Status: Unmanaged

            Last security update check: 29/10/2015 07:46:42

            Policy Enforcement Interval (every): 1 hour


            McAfee Endpoint Security 

            Version number: 10.0.1

            For module and content information, view the About page  

            in the McAfee Endpoint Security Client  



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              Great, thanks.  Did you request a loan license from your vendor?