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Trouble linking from 'Logic' to 'Layout' - "Failed to put part type in DB/part name not found"

Question asked by mramalfi on Oct 31, 2015
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I created a new part for an ADA4522. The part exists in the Library inside of 'Decals', 'Parts (Part Types)', and 'Logic (CAE Decals)'. I created the PCB decal, which went about as fine as those things can go. For the CAE Decal, I copied the AD712 dual op-amp part and modified that for 'Part Information for Part', ...., for the ADA4522. When I save and view the various reports all the connections to/from the ADA4522 are listed and *seem* to be fine. When I link with PADS Layout is where the problem exists, i.e. after sending over the netlist a file opens in 'Notepad' with the following (just a snippet):


Reading file --  C:\PADS Projects\padsnet.asc

Failed to put part type ADA4522-2 in DB


U5      ADA4522-2@MSOPRM8

Failed to put part type ADA4522-2 in DB


U6      ADA4522-2@MSOPRM8

*Part name not found U5

R4.2 C3.2 U5.3

*Part name not found U5




and, so on.


Any help is appreciated.