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Stuck on a ridiculous 'MTHOLE1' problem....again

Question asked by mramalfi on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by MENTOR_BillT


I am stuck on the ridiculous problem of trying to move my mounting holes, Layout part type MTHOLE1. After I get the part from the Layout library and place it on my PCB it is locked down solid. It is NOT listed as glued, and absolutely nothing I've tried works - it just will not budge. I had this problem years ago and carefully documented the solution - problem is, that was....years ago and who knows where in my documentation notebook(s), those notes exist. It's nothing magical, i.e., don't need to change 'ECO' or anything,'s a simple switch to throw somewhere. Help, please. Design is finished apart from this. Question is, why isn't this - moving mounting holes - fixed by now ? Why is it so torturous ? I can't even find any documentation on the problem anywhere.