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Rules for defining allowed cell rotations and mount side

Question asked by Rob_Kelley on Feb 6, 2009
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We are in the process of adding allowed cell rotations and mount side properties to the cells in the cell library.  In the current release you can already define these rules for the cells while in the design.  However, you cannot yet define these rules at the library level.



My question to the user community is:



"If we add these rules to the cells in the library, is there any reason to continue to allow the settings to be modified in Editor Control at the design level?"  I would expect that in most cases, if it is defined as a rule in the library, you would not want to override the behavior in the design.  



Keep in mind that when these rules are defined at the cell level, you could still override the settings, if necessary, by editing the cells in the design's local library.  



Your feedback on this issue is very much appreciated.