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    Two identical circuits, one placed and routed already


      I started a design that consists of two identical circuits placed on a PCB. Call them circuit 1 and circuit 2.   There is one common connector (the edge connector on the right of the PCB, as seen in Figure 1 below).  I have already placed and routed circuit 1 as seen in Figure 1.  I haven't done schematic entry nor placement for the identical circuit 2 yet.  I want to place it below the middle white line on the PCB in Figure 1.


      Laying out circuit 1 was, well..., painful.  I'm new at this and have always done flat designs.   My question is, can I copy the layout for circuit 1 and paste it into the circuit 2 location. 


      I think I need to convert to a hierarchical design.

      Here's what I think I need to do:

      1.  In DxDesigner, make the already-existing flat design for circuit 1 into a block which can be reused.

      2.  Create a top-level schematic sheet onto which the blocks will be instantiated along with the common connector.

      3.  Instantiate two blocks onto the top-level schematic sheet.  One for circuit 1 and one for circuit 2.



      My questions are:


      1.  Will I be able to retain placement and routing that I have already done for circuit 1?

      2.  Will I be able to copy that placement and routing which I had done for circuit 1 to circuit 2?

      3.  Is there documentation I can refer to?  If so, please provide a link.







      Figure 1 - Showing Circuit 1 placed and routed on PCB (Circuit 2 has yet to be placed, will go below the middle line)

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          The two circuits have to be in the schematic, either by using a functional block or by just copying the circuitry,


          In Xpedition you can either use the "circuit move and copy" command  for pre VX releases (found in the "Edit" menu) . IN Vx you just select what you want to copy (parts, traces, etc), click the Right Mouse Button and select Copy.   The software will look for an identical circuit and copies it.


          You can find Help in the manuals, available under the "Help" menu.



          If I remember well, there was a previous question about this topic also.




          regards, Charles

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            Thanks so much.  That turned out to be much easier than I thought.  I had a little trouble actually pasting the copied circuit into where it was supposed to go (“…. Immovable metal… “messages) but I played with it for about an hour and got the hang of it.




            Thanks Again,