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Two identical circuits, one placed and routed already

Question asked by kenneth.aquino on Nov 8, 2015
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I started a design that consists of two identical circuits placed on a PCB. Call them circuit 1 and circuit 2.   There is one common connector (the edge connector on the right of the PCB, as seen in Figure 1 below).  I have already placed and routed circuit 1 as seen in Figure 1.  I haven't done schematic entry nor placement for the identical circuit 2 yet.  I want to place it below the middle white line on the PCB in Figure 1.


Laying out circuit 1 was, well..., painful.  I'm new at this and have always done flat designs.   My question is, can I copy the layout for circuit 1 and paste it into the circuit 2 location. 


I think I need to convert to a hierarchical design.

Here's what I think I need to do:

1.  In DxDesigner, make the already-existing flat design for circuit 1 into a block which can be reused.

2.  Create a top-level schematic sheet onto which the blocks will be instantiated along with the common connector.

3.  Instantiate two blocks onto the top-level schematic sheet.  One for circuit 1 and one for circuit 2.



My questions are:


1.  Will I be able to retain placement and routing that I have already done for circuit 1?

2.  Will I be able to copy that placement and routing which I had done for circuit 1 to circuit 2?

3.  Is there documentation I can refer to?  If so, please provide a link.







Figure 1 - Showing Circuit 1 placed and routed on PCB (Circuit 2 has yet to be placed, will go below the middle line)